Our mission is to provide a quality all-inclusive day program for adults with disabilities.  CPPC offers a wide range of educational, vocational, social and recreational services and partners with local education agencies, businesses, recreational centers, as well as serving as volunteers in our community.  Here are just a few of our Community Partners.

Vinson Elkins, LLP

David Rubin Photography

JDM Digital

Oliai Law Firm, PLLC

Schorr Law Firm PC

Elliott & Elliott  Residential Realtors & Park Cities Residents

Curt Elliott: 214-675-8358
Page Elliott: 214-478-9544

Mooyah Burgers, Fries & Shakes

Liberty Burger

Whole Foods Market Place Park Lane

Merrill Lynch

The Ryan Foundation

 Murray Media

Crowley Carter Foundation

Janet and Orlando Salazar

Myra and Robert Lancaster

Purvi, Bill and David Albers

Ellen and Clayton Kershaw

Stephanie and Paul Ochel

Kristi and Bill Francis

Sarah and B. Robert Oliai

 Reilly Family Foundation

Biba and Jon Parker

Janie and Pat Hamner

 Valinda and Steve Wolfert

 Patti and Greg Schaub

 Hollee and Richard Mills

Jana and Larry Long

 Ellen and Clay Small

Kristin and Cory Roberts

 Brenda and Dan Cooke

Tradition Senior Living, Jonathan S. Perlman, President

 Marialice and Randy Garrett

 Emily and David Corrigan

 Neiman Marcus

 Acker Family Foundation

 Weitzel Family

 Jan and Scott Osborn

 Janelle and Mike Bell

 Jennifer and John Gates

 Kristin and John Mullen

 Amanda and Jeff Saile

 North Dallas Bank & Trust Company

 Trevor T. Kraus

 Amanda and Dale Davison

 Jennifer and Patrick Keefe

 Jennifer and John Corrigan

 Marilyn Hill

 Barb and John Clark

 Becky and Bob McCamey

 Ashley and James Holbrook

 Kimberly and David Roosevelt

 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ryan, IV

 Sarah N. Jones