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Our mission is to provide a quality all-inclusive day program for adults with disabilities.  CPPC offers a wide range of educational, vocational, social and recreational services and partners with local education agencies, businesses, recreational centers, as well as serving as volunteers in our community.  Here are just a few of our Community Partners.

Acker Family Foundation

Purvi, Bill, and David Albers

American Excelsior Company

Peggy Andrews

Mary Clare and Court Alley

Ben Bagheri

Robin and Norman Bagwell

Lori Bannon

Barbier-Mueller Family

James Barrow

Jenelle and Mike Bell

Tamara and Casey Berley

Gina and Ken Betts

John Brodersen

Charlotte and Hal Browning

Carmel Car Wash

Central Christian Church

Jalapeño Tree and Golden Chick

Barb and John Clark

Brenda and Dan Cooke

Cornerstone Achievement Center

Emily and David Corrigan

Jennifer and John Corrigan

Gene and Jerry Jones Family Dallas Cowboys Charities

Crowley Carter Foundation

Culinaire International

EV Davidson and the Doc Swalwell Legacy

Amanda and Dale Davison

John Tyler Day

Fielding Day and family

Donachie Foundation

Elliott & Elliott Residential Realtors

Shelby and Clanton Ferguson

Kristi and Bill Francis

Frost Bank

Marialice and Randy Garrett

Jennifer and John Gates

Golden Rule Family Foundation

Tara and Grady Goodwin

Zoe Grace Foundation

Janie and Pat Hamner

Marilyn Hill

Highland Park United Methodist Church

HillCo Insurance Agency, LLC

Nancy and Doug Himes

Ashley and James Holbrook

Lonnie Holotik

Home Care Assistance of Dallas

Caren and Ted Houston

Huckleberry Foundation

Inwood Bank

JDM Digital

Sarah N. Jones

Kappa Kappa Gamma Dallas Alumnae Foundation

Jennifer and Patrick Keefe

Ben E. Keith Company

Ellen and Clayton Kershaw Foundation

Kershaw’s Challenge

Trevor T. Kraus

L2JL Capital

La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas

Jeanne and Jeff Laceky

Myra and Robert Lancaster Family

Jana and Larry Long

Becky and Bob McCamey

Ellen and John McStay

Mark Foundation

Eloise and Robert Meachum

Merrill Lynch

Hollee and Richard Mills

Christopher Miller

Ruth and Jim Mitchell

Kristin and John Mullen

Susan and Carlos Munguia

Murray Media

Christina and Chris Murzin

Neiman Marcus

North Dallas Bank & Trust Company

Heather and Michael O’Brien

Stephanie and Paul Ochel

Oliai Law Firm, PLLC

Sarah and B. Robert Oliai

Jan and Scott Osborn

Biba and Jon Parker Foundation

Traci and Robert Parker

Phi Beta Phi Dallas Alumnae

Crystal and Chad Pinson

Reilly Family Foundation

Gail and Steve Reinemund

Kristin and Cory Roberts

Kimberly and David Roosevelt

Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe, LLC

The Ryan Foundation

JoAnn and John Ryan

Mary Lou and John Ryan

Amanda and Jeff Saile

Janet and Orlando Salazar

Saville Dodgen & Company

Patti and Greg Schaub

Schief Hardin

Schorr Law Firm PC

Robert Scott

Ellen and Clay Small

Steven Smiley

Tiffany and Reed Standly

Staubach Family Foundation

Kay Ferguson Theis

Carole and Pat Tolbert

Tolleson Wealth Management

Tradition Senior Living

Veritex Community Bank

Vinson and Elkins LLP

John Vogt

Cathy and Denton Walker

Weaver and Tidwell Private Foundation

Tresi Weeks

Wells Fargo Bank

Susan and Joel Williams

Whole Foods Market Place Park Lane

Guilia and Erec Winandy

Valinda and Steve Wolfert

Michael Young Family Foundation

Bruce Zaret