Co-Founder, Cornerstone Achievement Center

Janet McClaren Salazar

Development Committee Chair

Janet has learned that people of various abilities can progress and thrive if their God-given gifts are nurtured.  Connecting Point of Park Cities is that kind of place.  It is making an incredible difference in the lives of its “teammates” and their families.

Janet holds a bachelor’s from the University of Texas at Arlington and a master’s from Texas Christian University.  She has spent most of her 25-year career in sales and marketing.  She married Orlando Salazar in 2004.  After their son Luke was born in 2005, Janet began working part-time in a family business, 44 Farms.

As Luke grew and speech and developmental delays unfolded, the Salazars determined that public school resources were not the appropriate fit for him.  In 2013, they, along with Crystal and Chad Pinson, boldly started a faith-based school for children with disabilities, Cornerstone Achievement Center.

Janet said, “My life experience has taught me the importance of serving those who need us most.”