How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted CPPC?

In the middle of this most unusual spring, above all else, we are happy to report our Teammates and their families remain healthy.


July 6th, 2020


We are grateful to report that our return to CPPC has gone exactly as planned! We reopened on our anniversary date Wednesday June 24th with four Teammates and five staff members.


Screening: Staff and Teammates are screened in accordance to CDC guidelines upon arrival and again after lunch each day. The screening also includes questions regarding the possibility of exposure for both the Teammate and their household.

Distancing: Teammates are seated a minimum of 12 feet apart.  We manage movement in the room to maintain social distancing.

Disinfecting: We begin each morning with a routine of disinfecting and airing the classroom. This routine is documented to ensure no detail is overlooked. Restroom fans remain on, and surfaces are disinfected after each use. Teammates continue to be closely monitored to ensure hands are properly washed, and cleanliness is maintained as they return to the classroom.

Program: We continue to deliver programming online as well as in the classroom. Currently we are not conducting community outings. Each morning all supplies needed for the day are waiting at the Teammate’s table in a box labeled for their exclusive use. The Teammate’s table and chair are also labeled and only used by them.

Isolation: Doors are locked, and notices are posted explaining no one may enter. Although we miss them terribly, volunteers and visitors are not allowed to enter at this time. We know this virus is extremely contagious, but our size is in our favor.  Our small number of staff and Teammates and the size of our classroom enables us to maintain a healthy distance from one another that exceeds CDC guidelines.

In closing, our commitment to the wellbeing of our Teammates has never been greater. By following the CDC guidelines for vulnerable individuals, we protect both our Teammates and their families.

May 8th, 2020




When we left on March 16th, we expected to be away for a few weeks. Unfortunately, it has not been that simple. Daily we hear stories of how much our Teammates miss CPPC, and of how our staff misses our Teammates.

Shelter at home has challenged our staff to find creative ways to provide engaging activities for our Teammates. Our online program @CPPC was launched in response to this challenge.

Each weekday morning our Teammates receive an email with multiple activities designed to spark their curiosity and grow their communication and daily living skills. Music therapy is now an interactive online experience, and the mail carrier delivers surprises like seed packets to celebrate spring! And because community is such a huge part of the CPPC experience, our staff calls each Teammate once a week and, in many cases, daily.

When you are passionate about your mission, you make a way!


Typically, Teammate fees make up approximately 20% of our annual operating budget. This income source has been stopped. While we continue to deliver programming online, we are unable to bill HHSC.

The cancellation of this year’s Ability to Give Luncheon, significantly impacted an additional 20% of our annual budget.

Although we have realized some savings in our overhead costs, by far our greatest expense is meeting payroll. During this time as our staff continues to work from home, our payroll costs continue.

In these challenging times, your continuing support for CPPC is needed now more than ever. You may give online, or send your check to 4516 Lovers Lane Suite #212, Dallas, Texas 75225.

Your generous donation will enable our instructors to continue working from home to create enriching, meaningful and fun learning activities for our Teammates. This continued engagement is critical to prevent our Teammates from losing social, communication and life skills while we are apart.


A committee of board members and parents meet regularly to determine both when and how we reopen. Our executive director is in conversation with other providers of services to the IDD community. Additionally, we monitor the daily updates from the CDC, Dallas County HHS and the Texas HHSC. It is too soon to announce a return date, but we are working on policies and procedures based on CDC guidelines to ensure we are well prepared to protect the health and safety of our Teammates.

Please share your thoughts and input by calling or emailing [email protected] 214.243.4849.