Connecting Point of Park Cities provides a meaningful day through a variety of focus areas as described below.  Our days are spent in a structured environment that allows us to provide each teammate with a minimum of one-on-one instructional time for 15 minutes.  This gives us the opportunity to work on goals and give our undivided attention to our teammates to promote success within our program.

Life Enhancement

Life enhancement provides opportunities for our teammates to focus on skills such as grooming, money management, time management, personal care, body language, and independent living skills.

Healthy Living

Healthy living provides opportunities for our teammates to learn skills that promote a healthy lifestyle such as exercise, nutrition, and personal care.

Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation provides opportunities for our teammates to focus on self advocacy skills, volunteering, conversation skills, computer skills, and transportation.

Academic Foundations

Academic foundations allows our teammates to continue learning and through opportunities such as science, history, government, agriculture, horticulture, and much more!

Culinary Arts

Culinary arts focuses on providing our teammates with opportunities to learn skills that enhance independence through baking, measuring, party planning, basic food prep, sanitation, and more!

Creative Arts

Creative arts provides an opportunity for our teammates to express themselves through painting, drawing, canvas art, clay, mixed media, music, photography, ceramics and more!

Vocational Skills

Vocational skills provides opportunities for our teammates to learn job skills through focusing on work ethics, vocational work boxes, resume building, and job coaching!

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