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Connecting Point Teammate Schedule - February 2021

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  • 1st and 3rd Monday for Music with Ivor
  • 2nd, 4thand 5th Mondays @ 9:30 a.m.
    Join us for Morning Meeting and Exercise!
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    Meeting ID: 230 028 8929
    Passcode: 451611
  • Every Monday: Join the Tolleson @ 1PM
    Check the CPPC daily email for the link.



Every Tuesday Join CPPC for Fun and Games over Zoom!

Email Odette by 3 p.m. on Monday to join! Shirica or LaShunda will send you an email with the Zoom’s activities Tuesday morning.



9:30 a.m. – Join us for Morning Meeting and Exercise!

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 230 028 8929
Passcode: 451611



9:30 a.m. – Join us for Morning Meeting and Exercise!

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 230 028 8929
Passcode: 451611





We begin each day with:

  • Morning Round-up: A time to chat with Teammates about the date, weather, and what is going on in life outside of CPPC.
  • News2U: We check out and discuss interesting current events.

And wrap up each day with:

  • Daily Recall: Teammates share their thoughts and feeling about the day’s activities and encourages them to voice their opinions.


February Reminders:

  • Friday 2/26: NATIONAL RETRO DAY! Wear an outfit from a previous decade.
  • Volunteer Opportunity: We will be making and sending Valentine’s Day cards to Edgemere Retirement Community.
  • Tuesday 2/23: Fun with the DMA (checkback for Art Kit pick-up info)


February 1st – 5th


Monday, February 1st

Virtual Music Therapy @ 10 am and @ 10:30 am

Lesson: Introduction to Emotions

Afternoon Music:


Tuesday, February 2nd

Virtual Tour:  Candy Factory

  • Build a Sweet Heart Candy tower

ADL: Valentine’s Day card

Afternoon Movement: 


Wednesday, February 3rd

Lesson: Emotions

Art with Shirica: Paper loops Sunflower craft with sunflower seeds


Thursday, February 4th

ADL: Cupid Bow and Arrow

Social Skills Activity: Emotions Charades


Friday, February 5th

Make A Tasty Treat: Turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, and fruit

Friday Fun: Celebrate World Nutella Day

  • Nutella Rice Cake

Movie Time: Inside Out on Disney +



February 8th -12th          


Monday, February 8th

Lesson: Chinese New Year



Tuesday, February 9th


Virtual Tour: Chinese New Year Parade

ADL: Using Chopsticks


Wednesday, February 10th

Lesson: Chinese New Year

Art with Shirica: 3D Valentine’s Day Card


Thursday, February 11th

ADL: Plan a Chinese New Year party

Social Skills Activity: Chinese Greetings


Friday, February 12th

Make A Tasty Treat:  Lasagna, side salad, and garlic roll

Friday Fun: Celebrate Chinese New Year

  • Dragon Mask
  • Chinese New Year Bingo

Movie Time: Over the Moon on Netflix


February 15th – 19th


Monday, February 15th

Virtual Music Therapy @ 10 am and @ 10:30 am

Lesson: Friendship



Tuesday, February 16th


Virtual Tour: Mardi Gras Floats

ADL:  Peanut butter and celery float snacks


Wednesday, February 17th

Lesson: Friendship

Art with Shirica: Pine Cone Owl Craft



Thursday, February 18th

ADL: Make a Mardi Gras Noise Maker

Social Skills Activity: Practice following directions: Mardi Gras Parade


Friday, February 19th

Make A Tasty Treat:  Pigs in a blanket, baked chips, and fruit

Friday Fun: Celebrate Best Friends Day

  • Make a Friendship Bracelet

Movie Time: Watch Princess and the Frog on Netflix



February 22nd – 26th


Monday, February 22nd  

Lesson: Kindness



Tuesday, February 23rd 


Fun with the DMA

ADL: Table Manners


Wednesday, February 24th 

Lesson: Kindness

Art with Shirica: Octopus Toilet Paper Roll


Thursday, February 25th

ADL: Reading a calendar

Social Skills Activity: Giving compliments


Friday, February 26th

Make A Tasty Treat: BBQ meatballs, mash potatoes, and green beans

Friday Fun: Celebrate National Retro Day

  • Retro Day Fashion Show

Movie Time: Watch Fearless on Netflix fixed