Connecting Point Teammate Schedule - April 2021

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  • 1st and 3rd Monday for Music with Ivor
  • 2nd, 4thand 5th Mondays @ 9:30 a.m.

Join us for Morning Meeting and Exercise!

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Meeting ID: 835 6916 9996

  • Every Monday: Join the Tolleson @ 1PM

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Every Tuesday Join CPPC for Fun and Games over Zoom!



9:30 a.m. – Join us for Morning Meeting and Exercise!

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Meeting ID: 835 6916 9996



9:30 a.m. – Join us for Morning Meeting and Exercise!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 835 6916 9996





We begin each day with:

  • Morning Round-up: A time to chat with Teammates about the date, weather, and what is going on in life outside of CPPC.
  • News2U: We check out and discuss interesting current events.


And wrap up each day with:

  • Daily Recall: Teammates share their thoughts and feeling about the day’s activities and encourages them to voice their opinions.


April Reminders:

  • CPPC will be CLOSED on 4/2 in observance of Good Friday
  • Volunteer Opportunity: We will be making dog tug toys for a local shelter
  • Tuesday 4/23: Fun with the DMA (checkback for Art Kit pick-up info)
  • Friday 4/9: Dress in fun unicorn colors to celebrate National Unicorn Day
  • Friday 4/16: Wear your Pajamas to Connecting Point to celebrate Wear Pajamas to Work Day


April 1st – 2nd


Thursday, April 1st

ADL: Cost More or Less

Social Skills: Charades


Friday, April 2nd

Closed in observance of Good Friday


April 5th – 9th


Monday, April 5th

Virtual Music Therapy @ 10 am and @ 10:30 am

Lesson: Cleaning Products

Afternoon Music: Casagrandes Dance Along


Tuesday, April 6th

Movement: Marah Music Warm-Up

Virtual Tour: Chihuly Glass and Garden

ADL: Laundry Sort: Dirty vs Clean


Wednesday, April 7th

Lesson: Cleaning your house

Art with Shirica:  Bunny Craft


Thursday, April 8th

ADL: Laundry sorting by color

Social Skills Activity: Getting someone’s attention


Friday, April 9th

Make A Tasty Treat: Chili Dog chips, and fruit

Friday Fun: Celebrate National Unicorn Day

  • Make Unicorn Yogurt Bark

Movie Time: Watch Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back-

Evolution on Netflix




April 12th -16th          


Monday, April 12th

Lesson: Gardening

Music: Banana Banana Meatball


Tuesday, April 13th

Movement:  Bye Bye Bye Dance Along

Virtual Tour: Recycling Center

ADL: Washing Machine and tools


Wednesday, April 14th

Lesson: Gardening

Art with Shirica: Rain Cloud and Sun Craft



Thursday, April 15th

ADL: Washing your clothes

Social Skills Activity: Active Listening


Friday, April 16th

Make A Tasty Treat: Chicken Stirfry Noodles

Friday Fun: Celebrate Wear Pajamas to Work Day

  • Wear your favorite Pajama’s to Connecting Point
  • Design your own pillowcase

Movie Time: Watch Yes Day on Netflix


April 19th – 23rd


Monday, April 19th

Virtual Music Therapy @ 10 am and @ 10:30 am

Lesson: How to take care of the environment

Music: Believer


Tuesday, April 20th

Movement: It’s Time to Slime

Fun with the DMA

ADL:  Dryer and tools


Wednesday, April 21st

Lesson: Earth Day

Art with Shirica: Owl Hand Print Craft



Thursday, April 22nd

ADL: Drying your clothes

Social Skills Activity: Would you Rather?


Friday, April 23rd

Make A Tasty Treat: Chicken Strips and mixed Vegetables

Friday Fun: Celebrate National Jelly Bean Day

  • Jelly Bean Taste Test (4/22)

Movie Time: Watch Bigfoot Family on Netflix



April 26th – 30th


Monday, April 26th

Lesson: Introduction to the Praying Mantis

Music: Say So


Tuesday, April 27th

Movement: Hit the Ball Y’all

Virtual Tour: Marineland Dolphine Adventure

ADL: Folding and hanging clothes


Wednesday, April 28th

Lesson: Praying Mantis life cycle

Art with Shirica: Mother’s Day Card


Thursday, April 29th

ADL: Review Folding and Hanging Clothes

Social Skills Activity: Following Directions: Making dog tug toys (volunteer opportunity)


Friday, April 30th

Make A Tasty Treat: Tuna Lettuce Wraps and Fruit

Friday Fun: Celebrate National Bubble Tea Day

  • Let’s Make bubble Tea

Movie Time: Watch Latte and the Magic Waterstone on Netflix