CPPC Featured on Park Cities BubbleLife

Connecting Point of Park Cities (CPPC) has been featured on Park Cities BubbleLife in a short but interesting story titled, “Park Cities Residents Work Together to Open Day Program For Adults With Disabilities.”   Here’s an excerpt. 

Connecting Point of Park Cities (CPPC) has begun a fundraising campaign to raise $300,000 to allow CPPC to provide an enriching and engaging day program for adults with disabilities.

“We have been very pleased with the support of the community and by the emails and phone calls from family members of potential clients. Everyone agrees that this type of program is long overdue,” said JoAnn Ryan, Vice President of CPPC and mother of Ryan Albers, who suffered a traumatic brain injury seven years ago on a ski trip.

It was JoAnn’s journey to find a rewarding day program for Ryan to attend that eventually lead to the creation of CPPC.

“Once we reach our goal, we can hire staff and open our doors,” said Sarah Oliai, President of CPPC.

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