Marathon Advisory Services, President

Robert Meachum

Board President

Robert Meachum serves as President of the Board of Directors of Connecting Point (CPPC). Robert and his wife Eloise have three children, of which their middle child, Vivian, is a CPPC teammate.

Professionally, Robert Meachum is President of Marathon Advisory Services, a financial services consulting firm. Robert has over 30 years of leadership experience serving in various executive positions with national financial services organizations. He began his career as a certified public accountant for EY and holds degrees in Accounting and Political Science from Southern Methodist University.

In addition to serving with Connecting Point, Robert serves on the Executive Board of Directors for the Circle Ten Council of Boy Scouts of America and previously served as Chair of the Board of Directors for The Center for Non-Profit Management. He is a member and serves as a deacon at Highland Park Presbyterian Church.

Robert strongly believes in the CPPC mission as Connecting Point provides a loving, enriching and supportive program that’s truly unique and catered to CPPC’s growing group of teammates.