Remembrance of Bob Lancaster

Earlier this year in March, Dallas lost a quiet leader who, with ease and grace, gave himself fully to his community. Robert (Bob) Lancaster lived his 77 years devoted to meeting the obvious and not-so-obvious needs of those around him. Most recently Bob served as Board Chair for Connecting Point of Park Cities (CPPC), an all-inclusive day program in Dallas for adults with disabilities.

Fellow board member, Janet Salazar, remembered Bob as a kindhearted and generous man. “He was generous with his time, talents, and financial blessings,” Janet said. “I remember him sharing that the ‘kids’ (teammates in our program who are 21 and older) needed his help and he wanted to be there for them.” Whether it was calling bingo, playing cards, or sitting to join the teammates for lunch, Bob enjoyed every minute of his service.

“With a genuine smile that could warm the room or a strong shoulder to let you know that all is well, he was a good friend and of course an exceptional board member,” shared JoAnn Ryan, VP of Development at CPPC. “No job was too big or too small. The teammates grew accustomed to him calling out the Bingo numbers on their weekly Bingo day. We grew accustomed as a board to knowing, ‘let’s ask Bob. He will know how to get it done.'”

Bob was a dedicated board member at Connecting Point of Park Cities (CPPC), sharing his insight from many years as a successful investment broker. His leadership was instrumental for the initial governance of the organization when CPPC was founded three years ago.

“Bob helped in all possible ways. No job was to great or too small,” said Sarah Oliai, a former CPPC board member. It was with this kind of attitude that Bob served his community and every teammate at Connecting Point, no matter what his or her ability level.

“I remember being at a reception for CPPC and visiting with Bob.  He told me he had to slip out to go to dinner with his wife because it was their wedding anniversary,” Janet Salazar shared.  “I jokingly told Bob, ‘Myra is one lucky lady to have caught a great guy like you. He replied, ‘Oh no, I’m the lucky one. I’m thankful everyday she said yes to me.’ That is Bob Lancaster. Being kind and thoughtful was in his DNA.”